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If you're experiencing a fire, a flood, a burst pipe, or some other kind of damaging event to your home, you are probably in shock and feeling a bit devastated, especially if there was considerable damage done. After all, your home is where you feel the safest, where you can let down your guard and be yourself, and where your most precious possessions reside, including your family, your fur babies, and your memorabilia from years past. You count on your home to protect you from the bad things in life, but sometimes destruction can impact your home. Luckily, there's help.

DTI Construction is a Lubbock-based home remodeling contractor that offers fire and water restoration services. Our team has years of experience in helping homeowners restore and renovate their home after a disaster. Our mission is to take the restoration process off your shoulders, so you can focus on putting things back together again. After your restoration service, we can renovate your home as well, making it better than new. Reach out to our team to get started today!



Fire damage restoration is the process of cleaning up a home after a fire has occurred. As you can imagine, a fire can do major damage from the flames and the smoke. If the fire damage is extensive, your home may be unlivable until it has been restored. The goal of fire restoration is to restore your home to the same condition it was in prior to the fire. This entails using specialized equipment to clean and remove the soot and smoke damage, as well as the odors. A big part of these services is the removal of structures that are now too weak to do their jobs. This includes walls, ceilings, support beams, and flooring. A fire restoration company will thoroughly inspect the entire home before work begins in order to assess its state and prepare for the restoration service. Contact DTI Construction in Lubbock for more details today.


Similar to fire restoration, water damage restoration is the process of restoring your home to its original condition before it was hit by a flood or other cause of severe water damage. There is an added urgency with water damage restoration because of the danger of bacteria and mold growth, which begins as soon as your home experiences standing water and/or moisture. As you know, mold and other water-borne bacteria can impact people's health, allergies, and overall well-being. Once again, a water restoration project begins with a full assessment of the damages done. Decisions such as to replace or try to save carpeting, drywall, insulation, and more need to be made in consultation with the homeowner before work begins. Priority number one is removing all of the existing water and then drying out your home. Then the cleaning, sanitizing, and remodeling and repairs can take place. DTI Construction in Lubbock has extensive experience with water mitigation. Call to learn more today.


The sooner your home can be restored and made liveable again, the better. This will help heal any wounds from the devastating event that required fire and water restoration services in the first place. Normally, if there's a fire, there's water because water would have been used to put out the flames. This adds another layer of restoration work that needs to occur before you can put your life back to normal.

When you partner with DTI Construction in Lubbock, we work expeditiously and carefully to ensure your home is restored to its original condition and every nook and cranny has been inspected, verified to be structurally sound, and restored, so you won't have to worry about any future problems, such as mold growth, from a shoddy water restoration service. With decades of experience and with our additional home remodeling services, you can rest assured that your home will be restored and improved if desired. Call us for a free estimate today!

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